Pediatric Depression & Anxiety Counseling

Every child feels sad or overwhelmed at times. When these feelings last for more than two weeks and affect your child’s daily life, our clinics in Inver Grove Heights, Richfield and St. Paul provide child anxiety counseling to help them cope. Mental illnesses are often triggered by abrupt life events such as divorce, the death of a loved one, a sick pet or a traumatic experience. Other times the cause is less obvious, but you still notice a change in your child’s behavior. If you feel that your child is suffering from depression or anxiety, call Grow Pediatrics for one-on-one child anxiety counseling in Richfield or Inver Grove Heights.

It’s important for depressed children to understand that what they are experiencing is not their fault. Depression is the result of a chemical imbalance that can affect anyone. If family members have had the illness, your child may be more at risk for depression. Symptoms include irritability, irregular sleep patterns, appetite changes, mood swings, feelings of worthlessness, frequent crying, lower energy and withdrawal. Our providers in Inver Grove Heights and Richfield can provide child depression counseling services that guide your child to think positively and work through their problems. We may even refer you and your child to a mental health specialist for additional pediatric depression counseling.

An anxiety disorder can occur alongside depression or on its own. If your child has excessive worries, it may be time to seek pediatric anxiety counseling in Richfield or Inver Grove Heights. There are many types of anxiety, but all of them create a sense of apprehension, foreboding and stress. A child with anxiety may also experience trouble sleeping, uneasiness during most days of the week, restlessness, decreased concentration and irritability. Our treatment strategies depend upon your child’s unique symptoms and circumstances, and may involve seeing a mental health specialist. Call our clinic as soon as you notice problematic changes in your child’s behavior.

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