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Asthma occurs when the small airways of the lungs become inflamed and narrower. To help alleviate symptoms, two types of medicines are used to help reduce airway inflammation and relieve or prevent airways from narrowing. The two types are: anti-inflammatory agents and bronchodilators (they dilate, or expand the airways).

However, the most important part of living with asthma is prevention, routine management, and education to recognize symptoms before a serious asthma attack. Today, we use an individualized approach to managing asthma because not all asthma patients respond to certain approved medications and each patient has his or her own specific asthma triggers (e.g. allergies, secondhand smoke, cold dry air, etc.) with individualized therapy to address those triggers. Through proper education and routine asthma management, symptoms and/or attacks can sometimes be completely prevented.

Worried your child might be suffering from asthma? Our pediatricians and nurse practitioners at Grow Pediatrics can provide expert asthma screening, and because we spend more face time with our families, we also provide better asthma education and counseling so you can manage your child’s symptoms and avoid expensive urgent care or emergency room visits.

We understand that asthma can be a scary condition for your child and family, but we help make it easier. After determining that your child has asthma, we work with you to find the specific asthma action plan that works for your family. An asthma action plan usually includes which triggers to watch for, symptoms of an asthma attack and the appropriate treatments for mild, medium and emergency asthma attacks. We may also refer you to an asthma specialist for additional testing if necessary.

Don’t settle for any Twin Cities pediatrician, see the difference our caring and committed staff makes. Trust your child’s health and wellness to a top Twin Cities pediatric asthma clinic, Grow Pediatrics.

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