Cuts & Scrapes Treatment

A child’s boundless energy often leads to painful injuries. Although it’s impossible to stop accidents from happening, Grow Pediatrics provides the infected cut treatment children need when they’re hurt.

Cuts and scrapes are frightening, but treatable. Before taking your child in to the clinic, stop the bleeding with a clean towel or bandage. Carefully clean the wound with water and a washcloth. Apply an antibiotic if possible and cover the wound with a bandage. Most cuts can be treated same day in our clinic, including severe cuts that may require stitches or other wound treatments. However, for facial cuts requiring stitches, we typically refer those to a specialist to reduce the chance of scarring. When your child is hurt, bring them in for the infected cuts treatment Twin Cities parents depend on.

Grow Pediatrics has the resources and caring staff to make your child feel better. Give us a call when your child is in pain.

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