Dental Fluoride Varnish For Kids: Is It Safe?

Having healthy teeth and gums is important for the health of your child, and proper oral hygiene is an important habit to instill early on in life. A popular recommendation among pediatricians is the use of fluoride varnish once your child gets his or her first tooth. Our pediatric dental varnish services in Inver Grove Heights and Richfield offer a gel substance made of fluoride that coats the teeth to aid in preventing cavities and tooth decay. These treatments can be applied two to four times a year.

Is Fluoride Varnish Safe?

The pediatric dental varnish used by our Inver Grove Heights and Richfield specialists is completely safe and used by pediatricians and dentists all over the world. A miniscule amount is used, quickly applied and brushed off after anywhere between 4-12 hours. It doesn’t even taste bad! It is a gel substance that is painted on the teeth using a small brush. It hardens when it comes into contact with saliva, is completely painless and only takes a few minutes to apply.

After the varnish is applied, make sure that your child does not eat or drink anything that is too hot, brush his or her teeth for at least four hours, and that he or she properly spits after brushing is finished. If your child is coming up on six months of age or showing signs of his or her first tooth, consult with the experts at Grow Pediatrics about dental varnish services in Inver Grove Heights and Richfield today!

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