Developmental Delay Counseling

There are certain childhood milestones that typically occur around the same ages. If your child seems to be lagging behind his or her peers in certain areas, it can feel alarming. It’s important to remember that children develop at different paces, and there is no hard-set date for milestones. However, if your child is several months behind the average age of development, it’s worth taking them in for an exam. If your medical provider determines that your child has a developmental delay, our clinics in Inver Grove Heights and Richfield can provide the developmental delay treatment they need.

Early identification of developmental delays ensures that your child can begin helpful developmental delay counseling in Richfield or Inver Grove Heights right away. Developmental delays are different from developmental disabilities (such as autism, down syndrome and brain injuries) because children are able to outgrow them with proper support. School-age children may require special education classes to catch up to other students. Our providers, located in Inver Grove Heights and Richfield can connect you with the developmental delay treatment that ensures your child gets the assistance that he or she needs.

There are certain things parents can watch for that can help in recognition of a developmental delay. Notice how your child interprets the world around them. Babies should show a sense of curiosity for the world, and toddlers should begin learning new words. Monitor your child’s social skills, and if they’re older than two, notice how they get along with others. Speech is another important area of development, so compare your child’s conversations with other kids their age. If you think your child is behind the curve, there are several resources available to help them get caught up. Call our clinic to schedule a screening today.

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