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Did you know that ear infections are the most common reason for parents to bring their children to their provider? While anyone can get an ear infection, these painful irritations are more common among children than adults. When fluids build up behind the eardrum, it can cause a person’s middle ear to become inflamed. There are several types of ear infections and each one has its own set of symptoms; learn about the differences before contacting our pediatric ear infection specialists in Richfield and Inver Grove Heights.

Acute Otitis Media

Typically causes an earache and sometimes a fever in children. This is the most common type of ear infection.

Otitis Media with Effusion (Also often called Serous Otitis)

This type infection occurs when fluid is trapped behind the eardrum for an extended time period, which may cause a dull pain near a child’s ear for weeks. This type is non-infectious, but can become an acute otitis at any time.

These infections most commonly occur in the first few years of life, and often the child is unable to describe the symptoms. If your child cannot tell you about his or her ear pain, things you can watch for are tugging at theears, not sleeping as well as usual, fever,ear drainage or trouble responding to sounds. It is also helpful to know that ear infections typically occur during or following a runny nose/congestion.

When you suspect a problem, don’t hesitate to contact our children’s ear infections specialists in St Paul to set up a screening. We will carefully examine your child’s ear to identify any problems, and set up a treatment plan if necessary. Call us today!

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