Immunization FAQs

Will you force me to go to another provider if I choose not to vaccinate my children?

Absolutely not. We will never "fire" a family that refuses to vaccinate their children. First, we believe that all children should be able to receive the best care possible whether or not their parents choose to or not to vaccinate. Second, for families that have questions about vaccines, we believe a threat of "firing" only hurts the immunization education process.

Can my children get vaccines on an alternative schedule?

Yes, as the parent, it is your choice when to vaccinate your child. However, we strongly encourage all families to follow the recommended schedule set forth by the AAP, CDC & ACIP. This schedule is backed by several independent studies and it provides the most protection for your children. By delaying certain vaccines, you only increase the risk of your child contracting a serious illness that could have been prevented.

Do we get paid or receive assistance from drug companies to use or sell their vaccines?

Absolutely not! We receive absolutely no additional benefit from any vaccine company to carry or use their vaccines. We base our vaccine schedule on two main factors: (1) cost & (2) stress on the child and family. Because of that, we carry several "combo" vaccines because they are the most cost-effective for our families and they mean less "shots" for your children. In our opinion, the fewer shots, the better.

Can I get vaccines one-at-a-time instead of the combination vaccines?

Yes you can, however, there are several vaccines that are no longer available in separate form. For example, the MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) vaccine is only available as a combination vaccine. A separate measles or mumps vaccine is no longer available for purchase.

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