Strep Throat Tests and Treatment in the Twin Cities

Strep Screening

Sore throats are a common occurrence for children, but how do you know when they’re caused by strep? If you suspect that your child has strep throat, take them to Grow Pediatrics to get an expert screening and strep throat treatment in Richfield or Inver Grove Heights. Common strep throat symptoms of this illness include throat pain, swollen tonsils, fever, headache, rashes, nausea and body aches. Strep throat is difficult to diagnose without a visit to your provider. Take your child to get the accurate strep throat test that Twin Cities parents rely on.

Types of Strep Tests and our new Walk-In Rapid Strep Test

There are a few different ways we can test for strep throat. The most common method is the Rapid Strep Test. The Rapid Strep test takes about 5 minutes and, depending on how the test is performed, can be about 80% accurate. Because of this accuracy rate, a negative rapid strep test must be followed up with a 24 and/or 48-hour throat culture to confirm the rapid strep test’s results.

A new strep test, based on DNA testing, allows for a much more accurate test and eliminates the need for a follow-up throat culture. While the new test takes about 15 minutes, parents can get final results before leaving the clinic. Grow Pediatrics is happy to offer both testing methods at each location.

Grow Pediatrics is also excited to introduce a new walk-in strep throat testing service at our Inver Grove Heights and Richfield locations! Children ages 3 and older, who are established patients (those who have had an annual physical at our group within the last year), are now eligible to receive strep throat testing and, if positive, treatment without needing to see a provider.

Our new walk-in rapid strep test is more accurate than a standard rapid strep throat test and patients will get final results in just 15 minutes. No need to wait 24/48 hours for a throat culture to get final results!

The cost of this test will vary depending on insurance plans, but parents can expect the cost to be similar to the cost of a standard rapid strep throat test and throat culture.

What to Expect

  1. Call ahead or walk in at either the Inver Grove Heights or Richfield location.

  2. A staff member, a nurse or medical assistant, will administer the strep throat test by swabbing the back of the patient’s throat (sample collection is the same for both strep tests).

  3. After 15 minutes, patients will receive final results without the need for a throat culture.

  4. If positive, we’ll send your medication request to a location of your choice without needing to see a provider.

This offer is available at both our Inver Grove Heights and Richfield locations.

Why Are Strep Throat Tests Important for Minneapolis/St. Paul Parents?

If our test indicates that your child has strep, antibiotics will stop the infection from spreading. When untreated, strep throat can cause an abscess near the tonsils, or lead to dangerous illnesses like rheumatic fever. Strep throat is a bacterial infection, which means it is contagious. When you notice strep throat signs that are causing pain for your child, call our clinic for a strep test that provides the most accurate and fast results, and if needed, get immediate strep throat treatment in the Twin Cities.

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