Ticks & Lyme Disease

Many parents understandably worry when a tick bites their child. It’s important to know that although the chances of your child developing Lyme disease are low, precautions should be taken after spotting a tick bite. Here are some tips for treating a tick bite at home:

  • If you are comfortable with doing so, use fine-tipped tweezers to remove the entire tick. It is important to remove all of the tick to avoid an infection. If you’re not comfortable removing the tick, just stop in and we can remove it and identify it for you.
  • Do not smother a tick that is attached to your skin with petroleum jelly, nail polish, or rubbing alcohol. This may increase your risk of infection.
  • Do not try to burn the tick while it is attached to your skin!
  • Once you have the tick removed, put the tick in a dry jar or ziplock bag and save it in the freezer for later identification if necessary.
  • Wash the area of the tick bite with warm water and soap.
  • If a bite becomes irritated or infected or a rash develops, we recommend that you call us. Often we’ll ask you to email a photo of the bite or rash so we can better evaluate your child’s symptoms.

If the bite continues to be irritated, a rash develops, or if you have any questions about ticks or Lyme disease, give our staff a call. When you call, here is some important information to know for our staff:

  • When and how many times were you bitten?
  • What are your main symptoms and when did they begin? Have they changed since the bite?
  • What home treatment did you try?

During your conversation with our expert staff, we will develop a treatment plan for your family based on the circumstances of the bite and your child’s symptoms. That plan could be watching and waiting, coming in for our tick and Lyme disease screening in the Twin Cities, or just testing for Lyme disease. Children’s Lyme disease screening is very simple; we’ll draw a small blood sample in clinic and then send it off to our lab. Results are typically available in 2 days. With Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, early and quick diagnosis and treatment is important to avoid serious health risks. If a Lyme test is positive, antibiotics are effective at treating the disease.

If your child has been bitten or if you have any concerns at all, please give us a call or setup an appointment for a tick and Lyme disease screening in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We are here to help!

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