Wart Removal in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Warts are an annoyance in a child’s life, and there are many reasons why they might to want to get rid of them. These skin growths can cause discomfort and embarrassment, especially when several appear around the same time. Warts are extremely common among children with 10-20% of them having them. They are so widespread because warts are the result of a contagious viral infection, usually entering the body through cuts and scrapes. In environments like playgrounds, classrooms, and playing fields, they quickly pass from one child to another.

Facts About Warts

Luckily, warts are non-cancerous and mostly harmless to your child. The virus responsible for warts (human papilloma virus) triggers excessive cell growth on the outer layer of skin. Warts are usually easy to identify, although their texture can be rough or smooth, and their coloring can be light or dark. They appear as round bumps on the hands, feet, or face. While a few warts at time can be annoying, the Flat Wart is a unique (and rare) type that appears on the face in numbers as high as 100 at a time. Most warts go away on their own within a year, but if your child doesn’t like the sight of them or they are causing irritation, they may want to get them removed.

What to Do About Warts

While parents can take steps to reduce the risk of warts, like making sure their child uses his or her own bath towel, they can never completely prevent them. Over the counter wart removal solutions are sometimes effective, but you won’t find a more effective pediatric wart treatment in the Twin Cities than at a doctor’s office. At Grow Pediatrics, we typically use liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart, which causes it to fall off. It’s a safe procedure and only takes a few minutes. Call to schedule an appointment for the wart removal Twin Cities parents trust.

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